Monday, January 5, 2009

Rhodes 6 and a half months old

Well Mr. Rhodes had a wonderful christmas this year. He got lots of fun toys, and nice clothes. We spent the holidays at mimi and pops house. Rhodes has his own baby bed there, but pretty much slept with us the whole time, which was nice! He has been doing a good job sleeping on his own overall. He is still getting up once during the night to eat, but goes right back to sleep so its not so bad. He is growing up too fast. He has just started holding his arms out for me which is so cute. Brandon is trying to get him to crawl which now I am in no hurry for him to learn how to do! Brandon puts him up on all fours and he just kind of rocks back and forth. I know he will be crawling anyday now! He is extra cute these days. He laughs and smiles nonstop, and loves to read magazines. He still has no sign of teeth which is also fine. I love his gummy smile! I am not ready for him to get out of the little baby stage!

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